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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Neighborhood Egg Hunt THIS Saturday - in the Event of Rain,

Seems like there's a chance we may be indoors for Saturday's Egg Hunt. We have plans for crafts, refreshments, stories & hunt indoors in the event of rain. If it is pouring we will do the whole event indoors at Frost Free with our Neighbors from Federated Church of Marlborough.
Parking is limited, overflow parking is available at the church and roadside.  Feel free to unload at library - Stay Safe.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Marlborough History Buffs - Help Needed - ISO (In Search of ) History of Frost Free by Shelley Part I

The Library has Part II, Staying the Course, 1898 - 1954, Copy I of
A History of the Frost Free Library 1867-1990, of Marlborough, NH by Harold K . Shelley

Do any of our fans out there have Part I they'd be willing to share? I'd be happy to spring for photocopies. We'd also be grateful for someone with the special skillset of Closet Organizing to go through upstairs Library closet to organize and search. Small window of time when the eaves are not too cold or too hot ;>

The Library copy is Blue Spiral Bound with Yellow Cover. Thanks for checking.

A few pictures from Frost Free