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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ribbit, Ribbit

Did you know the Nongame Program of NH Fish & Game is looking for Frog Survey Volunteers? Here in the southern part of the state, Fowler's toads are found in wetlands near sandy soils. If you are interested in conducting focused species call surveys, contact Biologist Melissa Doperalski at melissa.doperalski@wildlife.nh.gov or 603 271 1738 by May 15th.

Vernal Pools and wildlife can be reported to nhwildlifesightings.unh.edu

For General frog call survey information and profiles on each frog species, visit wildnh.com/surveys/frog.html

Also download the iNaturalist app and watch for more information from the Conservation Commission and Sam Jaffe at the Caterpillar lab.  There is a Marlborough Citizen bio inventory project for all those citizen scientists out there.

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