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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Book Donations Reminder

Although we do NOT have a cut off date this year for donations for the book sale,
Please be kind to our volunteers and donate "manageable" sized/weighted boxes.

Any items with rodent, water, mold, mildew exposure or damage of any kind.

Textbooks, Reader's Digest Condensed, Journals & Magazines; including
National Geographic, Encyclopedia Sets, Puzzles, Cassette or VHS media or software.

RSA 202-A:4-d Acceptance of Personal Property Donated to Libraries:

Frost Free Library shall retain the right to accept or REFUSE any non-monetary gift offered to the library. This may include but is not limited to furnishings, artwork, computers, equipment, books, videos and audio books, plants, lighting and children's toys.

The Library shall accept only those items that will serve a useful purpose in the library.

The Library retains the right to dispose of any items it has accepted if those items no longer serve a useful purpose, if they become unusable because of damage or wear, or there is no longer space for those items to be used. The Library shall have no obligation to inform the donor of its intent to dispose of items.

Forrest Gump License Plate, Shadow Puppet Theater, View Master & Slides, Music CDs ...

What do they ALL have in common?  You can find them at the Friends of Frost Free Book Sale.
This Saturday, October 6th, 10- 1 pm.

The Friends support Summer Programming, Special Purchases, our Beautiful Gardens and so much more.

Shop with us Saturday for your holiday swaps, pinterest projects, winter stowaway reading, stocking the summer camp for next season, winter travels, family book group...

Gay-Kimball Library, our neighbor library in Troy has their book sale that day as well.  It will be a beautiful day for an autumnal ride and book buying, right?

Story time families and Library patrons please feel free to use overflow parking @ our gracious neighbors the Federated Church and Library way while the Friends occupy the parking lot for Book Sale.  Thanks Everyone.

A few pictures from Frost Free