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Job Posting

Library Director, Frost Free Library

Marlborough, NH

Part-Time position as Director of Frost Free Library

Hours negotiable, 31 hours maximum

 The Frost Free Library is seeking qualified applicants with three to five (3-5) years as Library Director or Assistant Librarian in a Public Library setting. MLS is preferred. 

            The Library Director is the front-line person in creating a welcoming, professional environment for all ages.  They are expected to be comfortable working closely with Library patrons, town departments and administrators, and the general community.  Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as a service-oriented attitude are required.
The Library Director is responsible for the management and operation of the Library and its programs in accordance with the policies established by the Board of Library Trustees.  The Director will work in close cooperation as an advisor and active participant in policy and budget development, goal setting, planning and evaluation.
The Library Director exercises considerable judgement in making administrative decisions including personnel administration, public relations, collection development, budget management, program creation & implementation, and supervision.  The director provides leadership to 3 staff and numerous volunteers.

Skills Required:

     Experience with library automatic cataloging and circulation systems.
     Ability to communicate effectively with library patrons, staff and volunteers, town boards and selectmen, the general public and media venues, and contracted vendors.
     Knowledge of management principles and public library administration including budgeting, organization, personnel, and public relations.
     Ability to supervise and manage funds allocated throughout all departments of the functioning library.
     Confidence in working with various computer hardware and software systems, specifically Microsoft-based programs, as well as printers, copiers, faxes, WiFi, multimedia and misc. technology. 
     Strong interpersonal skills
     Ability to lead and make decisions both independently and under the guidance of the Library Board of Trustees.
     Ability to supervise the Library’s collection development, including the selection and withdrawal of books, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic materials. The Library’s physical collection houses over 15,000 items. 
     Ability to work closely with the Library Trustees and its agents to assist in the planning of the Frost Free Library plan for expansion of the physical space.
     The Director will be expected to attend paid professional development trainings under consultation of the Trustees, as well as Board meetings with the Town and Trustees as needed. The Director may need to be contacted at home for important issues.
● Strong technology skills a requirement.

Pay is commensurate with experience.

Position will remain open until filled

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three reference contacts (two of which must be professional), to the Frost Free Library Search Committee at either: 

P.O. Box 487
236 Main Street
Marlborough, NH 03455

Job Description: Library Director


A degree in Library Science or equivalent experience.


Ø  Acts as administrator of the Library. Carries out the policies set by the Board.
Ø  Advises the Board of Trustees; recommends programs and policy changes.
Ø  Presents a written report at each Board meeting. Works with the Chair and the Secretary to prepare the meeting agenda.
Ø  Attends all Board meetings and participates in discussions.
Ø  Prepares preliminary budget materials for presentation to the budget subcommittee of the Board.
Ø  Builds and improves the Library’s collection to meet the needs of the community per the selection policy of the Frost Free Library.
Ø  Maintains appropriate statistical records for the Library Board of Trustees, local government, and the New Hampshire State Library.
Ø  Is familiar with the New Hampshire State and Federal Library Laws.
Ø  Demonstrates leadership in the development and improvement of Library service on the local, state, and national level.
Ø  Keeps current with methods, philosophy, and equipment by attending meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.
Ø  Must be familiar with current library computer systems.
Ø  Promotes good public relations and cooperates with other agencies and institutions to promote reading and library services.
Ø  Organizes Library materials effectively and serves as the Reference Librarian.
Ø  Must be familiar with the NHAIS system and the databases at the NHSL and OCLC’s First Search for successful implementation of inter-library loans.
Ø  Welcomes new trustees and orients them to the work and philosophy of the Library.


Ø  Hires, with Board approval, new personnel.
Ø  Recommends salary increases.
Ø  Supervises and trains other personnel.
Ø  Sets standards of service for the Library, such as noise level, standard behavior of patrons, and priority of service.
Ø  In charge of staff development and makes appropriate arrangements for time off for committee meetings and continuing education programs for assistants.
Ø  Contributes to creating an environment where work can be done.
Ø  May dismiss employees (according to established procedures) after consultation with the Board of Trustees.
Ø  Interviews and arranges substitutes when necessary.


  1. Selects and orders books, periodicals, and non-book materials, using reviews, catalogs, examination, etc according to the Frost Free Library selection policy.
  2. Classifies and is responsible for all items being cataloged.
  3. Prepares annual reports for the Town and the New Hampshire State Library.
  4. Answers and appropriately files mail.
  5. Plans, presents, and evaluates a variety of adult and children’s programs (including but not limited to the Summer Reading Program and story time) and exhibits which are Library and community oriented. Works with community projects and organizations.
  6. Publicizes programs and exhibits.
  7. Purchases Library and office supplies as needed.
  8. Arranges and oversees preventive maintenance and repair of Library-owned equipment. Presents recommendations for new or replacement equipment when necessary.
  9. Is available to local groups for special presentations.
  10. Recruits and works with Library volunteers.

  1. Works with school librarian to coordinate selection of materials and provide programs.
  2. Sends final overdue notices, bills, and/or a copy of the law relevant to the collection policy.
  3. Works to prepare the annual budget.
  4. Fosters the spirit of cooperation with the Marlborough School, Town Departments, and neighboring and State Libraries to provide excellent Library services to our community.
  5. Makes Library facilities available to community groups at the Director’s discretion.
  6. Ensures the timely publication of the Library newsletter.
  7. Ensures that Inter-Library Loan services are offered.
Vacation Benefit

1.    Each regular staff member of the Frost Free Library, Director, and Library Assistant(s) can earn one week vacation after completing one year of service,  with employee anniversary date. 
a.    One week vacation would equal one week of average pay.  (With current hours as an example, for assistant librarians, 13 hours x hourly rate of pay.)
b.    The Library Director will be responsible for keeping a log of vacation time for each employee.
c.    After five years of service, two weeks vacation time will be granted.

Frost Free Library Personal Time Policy
Personal Time Definition Personal Time is a benefit acknowledging all members of the Frost Free Library staff who have given 2 or more years of service to the community.  Personal Time gives Staff members paid time off to deal with unscheduled, sudden illness, or with personal or private matters.  When possible, with the exception of a sudden illness, an employee should plan personal time in advance, giving the affected parties, either the Library Director or Library Staff, as much advance notice as possible.
Personal Time Policy:  Commencing at the two- year service date anniversary, each Frost Free Library Staff Member will earn personal time, equivalent to usual hours worked per week.  Initially, the Personal Time can be taken from the anniversary date until December 31st, of the given year on a prorated basis.  (For example, if an employee was hired September 1st and normally works 12 hours per week, the employee would be given 3 hours personal time.)  Thereafter, personal time will be granted during the calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st of all years following.   Personal Time cannot be carried over from one year to the next.  Monetary compensation will not be offered in lieu of time not taken.
The Library Director will be responsible for keeping a log of personal time for each employee. At the discretion of the Library Director, Personal Time for employees may be covered by volunteers, other staff, or trained, paid substitute(s).   


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