Friday, June 23, 2017

Garden Gratitude and more ...

—Mulch-itudes of Gratitude to the Garden Club Summer Team!  The freshly mulched and tended beds really help us shine!

Thanks to John Fletcher for providing our new 5x8 flag at the library.  The correct size for the pole has made a  “glory”-ous difference.

—Overheard at the circulation desk … “any day is a good day to be in the Library.” xoxo

—“I appreciate that the picture book collection has many female protagonists and that a diversity of families and races were evident in the collection.

--Thanks to Brian Tarr and the DPW team for the million little and BIG things that help us keep on keepin' on. 

-- Linda and our fabulous Friends of the Library (FFF) for tea tending this season, ongoing book sale, and all the details they manage that keep the library offering its best to the community.

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